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Carpet Weaving Loom

Therapy By Carpet Viewing

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How the contemporary lifestyle affects the individual lives in the community The contemporary life has transformed the lifestyle of modern humans in a manner that a human sees themselves as a consumer, and few people embark on creation. Artists appear to be the only individuals who take an interest into this activity and benefit from it. Despite the available facilities, the extravagance of external factors, and numerous leisure activities, people are confused in both real life and the cyberspace and they are dissatisfied with their current situation. This leads to indifference, too much attachment to appearances, and inability to coexist. Unable to express their emotions, modern humans are faced with many problems in their family and social relationships, becoming highly prone to depression. Widely studied by scholars and psychologists, ‘art therapy’ is a solution to this problem. 2. Art and Artistic Creation as the Therapeutic Factor Addressed by thinkers and philosophers such as Aristotle from time immemorial, ‘artistic creation’ is a means to solve this problem.

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