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About Eran Craft Gallery

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

                                                                                               Pablo Picasso


Eran Craft Gallery is an online gallery that has been officially debuting its journey in Toronto since 2016.

Introducing more and better contemporary Middle Eastern artists to art and handicraft lovers is one of our goals at Eran Craft Gallery. Artists who create beautiful and unique artworks with their creativity, love and wisdom.

Contemporary Middle Eastern artists have been able to create elegant artworks by using modern techniques and combining them with their original and traditional methods. Crafts that are eye-catching in many modern interior designs while preserving the originality and oriental roots.

The gallery is committed to introducing Middle Eastern artists and their artworks with an innovative look and utilizing its environmental capabilities. To create interactions between artists and those who love beauty and art. ERAN Galley hopes to be able to establish a high position in decorative and applied art.

We fly our souls by looking at and touching these unique and elegant crafts.

Join us to listen to these silent beauties that are full of words.

We appreciate all the artists who make these opportunities for us. 

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